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Square pattern flight(displacements):

Here are 2 videos of displacements. The trajectory is a simple square. The UAV is not very stable because of the vibrations of the drone that disturb the sensors. Here, only the sonars are used.

First autonomous stationary flights:

Here is one of the first autonomous flight made with BOB4. This result was done 1 year after the begginning of thir project. Yes, the UAV tries to stay at the same position, but it is not accurate at all. The parameters are not yet tuned. This can be considered as a "proof of concept".

Here is another autonomous stationary flight. The drone is much more stable, because PID parameter have been tuned.

During development:

Test of the "observer". The observer estimates the 3D position and orientation of the UAV with the help of all the sensors. The drone is manually controled in this video. The X-Y position is determined with the help of the Wii-Remote camera. The IR spot is represented on the 3D matlab vue at the position 0-0. When it is green, it means that the camera can see the spot; and it is red when the spot is hidden.

Test of the 3D position and orientation estimation without the Wii-Remote camera. For X-Y position estimation, the lateral sonars are used. The UAV is still under manual control.

Orientation estimation. This is one of the first test of the orientation estimation during a flight. The drone is manually controled. This kind of video helps me to develop and tune the software.

One of the first videos. Here, I show the orientation estimation with the gyroscopes. All the test of algorithms were made on Matlab.
Leon | 28/08/2011