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BOB4 is a small UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) designed for indoor flights. It can fly autonomously, without any human help. It is made with a standard co-axial helicopter. All the electronics is custom made. I designed the electronics myself. The software is also 100% home made, and I did not re-use any code found on the web.

This project is quite complex, but I learned a lot of things with it.

I chose a small coaxial helicopter because I wanted to fly indoor. It is convenient for developping the code whenever I want, during day or night, whether it rains or not.

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General desciption :

  • weight: 300g
  • Span : 340mm
  • Helicopter : bi-rotor coaxial LAMA V3 (e-sky)
  • autonomy : up to 10 minutes
  • Motherboard : Embedded Master (GHI Electronics)
  • Radio : bi-directional Bluetooth Free2Move F2M03GX
  • battery : LiPo 11.1V 750mAh
  • 4 sonars SRF02
  • Analogical Inertial Measurement Unit
  • 3D compass HMC5843
  • Wii-Remote camera
  • 3D position and orientation estimation
  • 3D control : 4 independents PID
  • Simple path construction

Leon | 28/08/2011